I'm different

I'm different

Hey! My name is Erika I'm from sweden. I'm born 1997. I will put like everything on here.  Twitter: ErikaTingvall
Youtube:Olanis97 Instagram: thesassy1d and erikatingvall

My edit to my fan account to these 5 lads.
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You saved me and stole my heart. - Wattpad →

Please read this fanfiction about Niall, my friend Sara has written most of it on swedish but we thought that we should translate it to English and put it up on wattpad so please take a look. :D 


Niall is shaking it on the Swedish concert. 
I was there!!! AND I FILMED IT. :DDDDD 

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One Direction →

Follow my other tumblr, it’s just gonna be about one direction. Gifs and everything so follow! And I will follow back the first 100 people who’s follow me and I promise that. :D 

Check out some clips from todays competition :) 
Me and my friend are dancing. 

shawnmxndxs asked: who are james, brad, tristan and connor's ex girlfriends?


I don’t know who’s their ex’s bc i think their still together :)

5SOS just love Swedish candy.. adorable!

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